Paying respects. Thank you Sailor Jerry! (at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific)

Met Joseph today in Pearl Harbour. He has an awesome tattoo done in 1949 while stationed in Honolulu Hawaii. He can’t remember who did it but knew he was from Chicago. Anyone have any ideas as to whom may have done it? Thanks for proudly serving our country Joseph. (at Pearl Harbour, HI)

I’m featured on Rebel Ink Magazines website today. Right on the front, twice! Thanks so much to you guys and everyone else for all of the support!!! Head on over to their website to check it out! (at to book:

Did this one a few days ago and forgot to put up a photo! Had a ton of fun with this one. Little bit of color staining and I covered a few scars but it’ll heal out just fine! Thanks so much for looking everyone! (at to book:

So beautiful. Absolutely love Hawaii. Having another fantastic day with my love. (at Byodo-In Temple)

Not too bad, Hawaii. Having a great time! (at Sunset Beach North Shore Hawaii)

Bite mark to finish off this serial killer / forensics inspired 3/4 sleeve that has been about a year in the making. This is the actual convicting bite mark of Ted Bundy. I’ll post more pictures of this sleeve in its entirety in a few days. Thanks for looking everyone! (at to book:

This little guy is all ready for bed.

Grab a healed photo of this one the other day. Healed up great! Stoked on the outcome. (at to book:

Ouch. Rose on a kneecap. Pretty sure I ruined Taylor’s day hahaha thanks for sitting like a champ as always man. I’ll grab some healed photos in a few weeks. Thanks for looking everyone! (at to book:

Got to tattoo little Marty the weiner dog on my main man Jamie today. Thanks again dude! Went a lot more simple with this one to match his other hand and for longivity. Thanks for looking!!! (at to book:

Had a few cancellations for the Pacific Ink and Art expo in Honolulu Hawaii. The convention is August 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Please email me at: if you’d like to be tattooed. Please share if you know anyone who may want tattooed as well. Thanks so much!!!! (at to book:

Anchor filler from yesterday. This was a lot of fun for such a little guy. Thanks for looking! (at to book:

Quick little fox fella from last night. All marker, all fun. Thanks for looking! (at to book:

Grab a healed photo of this one yesterday. Healed by about 3 months. Not too shabby. I’d like to eventually go in and smooth a few things out and do a little bit of tightening but overall, not too bad. I love getting healed photos. Thanks for looking everyone! (at to book:

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